Welcome to Magick Lore, my name is Eric. I am a writer and professional occultist.

This site is where I share with you what I am learning on my magickal and mystical path. For your entertainment there will be a little fiction and poetry thrown in the mix.

What is it I am writing about exactly? Whatever I want to write about or am guided to share. Which will mostly be in the following areas:

  • Magic(k) of all kinds.
  • Divination systems I use and am interested in learning.
  • Meditation themes and insights realized. Themes might range from contemporary cultural issues to who knows what occult tomes.
  • Works I find in my research. Mostly, these will be written by dead authors from before the 20th century.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find some useful ideas here for your journey.

Peace to You,

Eric Cole

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